I was contracted by University of New Hampshire to create a logo and design a website (http://www.spirals.unh.edu/) for a substantial research project (acronym is SPIRALS: Supporting and Promoting Indigenous and Rural Adolescents' Learning of Science.) The University of New Hampshire Department of Education has received a $1.2 million dollar grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF) to implement a science-based afterschool program and to research whether the program improves science achievement in traditionally underachieving groups. The project will engage over 2000 rural and indigenous youth in afterschool programs across New England in which they will map sustainable practices (MSP) within their communities. The goal is to strengthen the connection for youth between science and their home and community lives. UNH Department of Education is partnering with 4H and Gedakina.

BrandingCreative DirectionGraphic Design
Final design chosen by client
Final design to be used as a formal logo for letterhead.
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